SkillsMastery has been written by an expert teacher to support children with literacy. It uses the current English literacy curriculum in KS2 and KS3 as a framework for learning so that it supports the work done in school. It also uses the most up to date research on memory, mastery teaching, learning and literacy to provide a product which will support students in their learning of literacy. It is not meant to replace what is learned in the classroom, but to support what is learned in the classroom.

The product was developed because Stephanie Holt when working as a Specialist Leader in Education in Hull, could not find a similar grammar-based product to help support the schools and students she was working with.

SkillsMastery is now being used in many different schools, in different contexts for different things. In Hull, it is being used in several primary schools to support full class teaching. In Barnsley and London, it is being used in a Secondary Academy to support students who entered year 7 and were not Secondary Ready. In Cumbria, it is being used in a Secondary School to support intervention for specific students. In East Yorkshire, it is being used in a primary school to support children who are gifted as well as those who need support to reach the required standard. SkillsMastery is flexible and can be used to suit your environment and needs.

SkillsMastery has recently been launched to parents because so many asked if they could buy it for their child.