How much does it cost for Skills Mastery Literacy?

It costs £500 which is less than 1 student who receives pupil premium. This price per year includes the whole school, so you can have as many students as you wish once you have bought the course.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. The price of £500 pounds for the literacy course is a fixed one-off price for the whole 12 months from when you buy the course.

How can I find out more about the Literacy course before I sign up?

You can click here and be directed to a sample of the first level on the course. These skills, form the basis of KS1 before moving on to more difficult content. It is vitally important that the basic building blocks are in place for written literacy to grow and flourish.

How do I know if the content is relevant for my students?

The content has been written by an expert in grammar and literacy using the new KS2 curriculum. It has been written using literature so that students can see the grammar and written techniques in context. They can then apply this to their own written work. It starts from the basic building blocks and then gradually becomes more difficult, while revising previous content. This is important to remind students of concepts they have already been taught and to prevent as many basic mistakes as possible.

The students can’t move on from an exercise.

The course has been designed so that until the student has mastered the content then they cannot move on. This means that neither can they rush through a course, nor can they guess the answer and as we know, practice makes perfect. Where the student has made the mistake it is displayed at the end of every quiz, so they can see where they have made the mistake and rectify it the next time.

Does this replace teaching?

Absolutely not. Skills Mastery is designed to be an add-on not a replacement for teaching. It is suitable to be used for revision and intervention where students may have missed key building-blocks in their written literacy or grammar. It is also suitable for the teacher to use the report to see where student may need extra teaching, but it is not designed to replace a teacher.

Can this site be used on mobile technology as well as computers?

Yes. The site is fully compatible with iPads, tablets and smart phones.

How can SkillsMastery be made to appear on the homepage of an iPad?

— Open Mobile Safari and browse to the site that you would like to create a home screen icon for. Be sure to stay on the home page of the site in question.
— Tap on the ‘Share’ icon just to the left of the address bar – the one that looks like an envelope with an arrow coming out of it.
— Tap on ‘Add to Home Screen’ on the popup you get after tapping the Share button.
— This will give you another popup, where you can accept the name for the new home screen button or edit it to whatever name you’d like for the site shortcut. You will then have a new home screen icon that will launch that site for you each time you tap it.

Can this site be used at home for homework?

Yes, if the student has their log-in and password and access to a computer or device. The teacher can then check if they have completed the work set.

Can this course be used for students with English as a second language?

Yes. However, it is not suitable for beginners, but rather those who have a reasonable understanding of English. It is excellent for helping students make sure that they are using grammar correctly and are not using spoken language in their written language.

How does the assessment work within my school’s current assessment framework?

If you click on the resources page there is a document which shows you how SkillsMastery Literacy works within the new framework and it’s equivalents in the old National Curriculum. This document also shows where the levels fit in with the Scottish and Welsh curriculum. The levels have been given names so that with assessment without levels it fits whatever your school has decided upon.

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