What will the students experience when they use SkillsMastery: Literacy?

The student experience will be similar for each student. What is different is the pace that the student will master the grammar and literacy skills. Each level is based on a story from literature, which complements the current curriculum: Jason and the Argonauts, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Gulliver and Sherlock Holmes.

The text formats are based on the current curriculum expectations and are transformed to suit the curricula requirements. For example the first level is based on narratives, however, the second level has some narrative as well as letters and diaries etc. Each text has been written with the needs of the students in mind and reflects the grammar that is to be taught e.g. if coordinating connectives are to be taught, then the text will have been written using coordinating conjunctions.

The students read each chapter or section of text first before completing the answers.

Skills Mastery text example

Each level starts with a quiz which the student can only take once as a baseline. This measures their achievement in content, organisation, sentences, grammar and spelling.

This quiz is then completed again at the end to show progress. However using the principles of mastery, students will only be able to move on to the next level once they have mastered the content.

Example test 1

Example test 6

As students work through the SkillsMastery: Literacy they will encounter different types of questions:

  • drag and drop
  • cloze
  • fill in the gap
  • re-order
  • multiple choice
  • single choice

Each question is designed to allow students to show their knowledge and grammar skill.


Example question 3Example question 1Example test 2
Example test 3

Example test 4Example test 5

Skills Mastery also focusses on terminology, enabling the student to use and understand correct terminology needed for success at KS2, KS3 and KS4.

Example terminology testSkillsMastery tests spelling and spelling rules, helping students become more accurate.

Example spelling

At the end of each level student will receive a personalised certificate.