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Support your child's literacy at home.


Parents Buy Now

Support your child's literacy at home.


Great support for your children or grandchildren and for home-schoolers.

SkillsMastery:Literacy - Home Edition

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SkillsMastery: Literacy - Home Edition

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literacy-768x768SkillsMastery: Literacy – Home Edition

SkillsMastery is an online resource which supports children in improving their reading and writing.


8 reasons to subscribe to SkillsMastery:

  1. Trusted by teachers and has over 2000 users
  2. Supports the curriculum your child is following at school
  3. Accessible using tablets or computers
  4. Has been proven to improve reading, writing, grammar and spelling.
  5. Helps preparation for the SATs but will not stress your child
  6. Track your child’s progress
  7. Instant feedback, encouraging independent learning.
  8. Helps your child succeed in school

“My daughter Libby has really enjoyed the stories and my son James has enjoyed the sense of achievement when he finishes a level.” Richard – Beverley

How effective is SkillsMastery: Literacy?

How many children passed Reading, Writing and Literacy SATs in 2016 after using SkillsMastery?

How much did children improve in grammar in 10 weeks using SkillsMastery?


How much did children improve in reading in 10 weeks?

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