How do we help teachers support their students?

At SkillsMastery, we write, develop and supply interactive solutions to improve literacy skills.

Our products are designed to meet the new writing and grammar criteria for KS2 and KS3 for students with English as a first or second language, and are suitable for other literacy improvement programmes.

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Many children have their progress stifled across the curriculum because of a lack of the writing skills needed to succeed in the new curriculum. The literacy curriculum, in particular at KS2, has presented many challenges, not least the depth of grammar knowledge needed to be successful in the grammar (SPAG) tests. SkillsMastery uses functional grammar within a literary context to support students between 8-14 develop their skills, deepen their knowledge of the meta-language and be able to apply them in their own writing in order to progress in writing at KS2 or KS3, as well as having a sound thorough knowledge of why language might be used, which will impact on their achievement at KS4.

Skills Mastery supports schools and individuals to improve their written and grammar skills, increase their confidence, improve their writing across the whole curriculum and fulfil their potential.

How can SkillsMastery support your school or academy?

SkillsMastery is an online grammar, spelling and punctuation subscription website for proven progress in literacy for pupils and schools.

  • SkillsMastery improves progress in reading, writing and grammar
  • SkillsMastery is  a fully hosted, online platform – your student data is safe and secure
  • Unique login details – your school data and progress is safe and secure
  • SkillsMastery is flexible – you can use it for small group intervention, lesson or progress support.
  • Progress is measured – you can see the data online for your school and download in Excel for further analysis
  • Data is segmented – you can check length of time spent on the site, amount of times a pupil has taken an exam, current progress of students and groups of students, common weaknesses and common strengths
  • Skills Mastery is compatible with phones, iPads and tablets – so you can use your school’s current IT provision.

SkillsMastery : Literacy 

  • Improved and sustained progress in literacy
  • Brings grammar, spelling, punctuation, reading and writing skills together
  • Not just the naming of parts, but embedded in literature – more meaningful and more fun than traditional worksheets
  • Helps motivation as well as attainment
  • Texts are differentiated for ability- suitable for most learners
  • Independent learning – learners work at their own pace
  • Mastery-led so that learners fill in their own knowledge gaps or misconceptions
  • Learners cannot move on until they have answered a question completely correctly ensuring the skills are repeated and correct
  • Literature is transformed to ensure coverage of basic text types for KS2 and KS3


Do you want to help the students in your school make accelerated progress in literacy and improve attainment?


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